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  • 18-Oct-2016
  • TraceTracker joins Hälsingestintan out in Europe
  • TraceTracker joins Hälsingestintan successful Ethical Meat concept when they now start to export the concept outside Sweden. We are very proud to support one of the most innovative meat companies in the world in their quest to provide high quality premium meat, by the highest possible animal welfare standards and opening up their value chain for everybody. Our role is to provide the storytelling and transparency capabilities of the concept, and at the same time securing the brand value.
  • 11-Apr-2016
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise and TraceTracker teams up for authentication and brand protection
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and TraceTracker teams up for authentication, brand protection and up- and down-stream traceability. HPEs Global Product Authentication Service ensures codes are authentic and report any attempt to copy codes or any suspicious code scanning. GPAS is integrated into the TraceTracker traceability services, and TraceTrackers traceability services, the EPCIS-engine, is integrated into the GPAS services.
  • 1-Aug-2015
  • TraceTracker facilitates GS1 Swedens Traceability project
  • Our Traceability expert, Espen Braathe, is the facilitator of the future retail traceability project within GS1 Sweden. The project is organized into user groups with a broad involvement from the whole retail industry. The user groups are gathered for workshops ensuring both user commitment and that the solutions meets the needed of the industry.
  • 20-Feb-2013
  • European horsemeat scandal brings focus to Tracetracker's solutions!
  • Horsemeat or not, that’s the question!

    The scenarios are well known - another “kick in the groin” for the food industry. Whether it is food safety (people getting sick – ref. e-coli in sprouts, etc.) or fraud (seafood “mislabeling” and the galloping horsemeat scandal), the food industry is under scrutiny from authorities to consumers. The problems are well known. The question is how to attack them.
  • 25-Jun-2012
  • TraceTracker's new CEO
  • TraceTracker is pleased to announce a new member of the team in the Oslo office.
  • 03-May-2012
  • TraceTracker founds Enlight AS with HRAFN
  • TraceTracker and their partner HRAFN, have founded a new joint venture called Enlight AS, offering asset tracking solutions based on automatic data capture (AutoID technology such as RFID or QR-codes).
  • 07-Dec-2011
  • K.A. Aurstad selects TraceTracker Asset
  • K.A. Aurstad, a road construction company in Sunnmøre, Norway has entered into an agreement with TraceTracker AS for delivery of TraceTracker Asset, an asset tracking system for equipment, tools and vehicles.
  • 25-Oct-2011
  • Rygg Maskin chooses TraceTracker
  • Rygg Maskin AS, a construction company in Randaberg, Norway has chosen the web-based system, TraceTracker Asset, for managing and tracking their equipment and tools in near real-time.
  • 01-Sep-2011
  • Full roll-out at Grunnarbeid
  • TraceTracker, a leading actor within asset tracking, has entered into a contract with Grunnarbeid AS for the delivery of a tracking solution called TraceTracker Asset.
  • 18-Mar-2011
  • Welcoming new employees to TraceTracker
  • TraceTracker is expanding its capacity in the Oslo office this spring with new business resources who bring solid experience in sales and IT.
  • 15-Dec-2010
  • Fish Traceability in Canada
  • A Financial Post article talks about a traceability system that TraceTracker is providing for the Ontario Commercial Fisheries’ Association
  • 28-Sep-2010
  • TraceTracker presents at RFID/EPC conference
  • Join us at the upcoming RFID/EPC conference hosted by GS1 Norway to hear TraceTracker's Steinar Kjærnsrød present about asset tracking in the construction industry. Learn about new ROI possibilities made possible by track and trace technology and effective data capture techniques.
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